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Websites That Mean Business

A bad first impression is costly.
A good website doesn’t have to be.

Focus on running your business. Let GURU take care of your website.

Begin your WordPress support today. Allow GURU to back up, update & monitor your website’s security while you focus on running your business. No long-term contracts. Make it easy with the GURU. 

Challenges with WordPress & why GURU is here

WordPress and plugins need to be updated frequently. And while the process is relatively simple, stuff happens. In fact, a simple plugin update can take down your entire website.
Yes, WordPress is a lightning rod for hackers, because it’s the most popular CMS in the world, by far. Unfortunately, you must harden your website and remain vigilant.
Sometimes the simplest things can be extremely frustrating— for a variety of reasons. Maybe your theme is counter-intuitive. Or, maybe it’s just buggy.
WordPress is supported by a very large community. But most of the info you’ll find is written for developers; outdated; or may not apply in your case.
Companies that build websites often have no interest in providing WordPress management services. That means it’s up to you to find a developer you can trust (easier said than done).
Not all hosting environments are suitable for WordPress. It’s easy to fall for an inexpensive plan. And it’s just as easy to spend more than you really need to.
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Building a website is not a one-off assignment. Your online presence requires attention – both offline and online. Our team will take care of your WordPress maintenance, content updates, customizations, the look and feel of your site content, as well as the stability of your WordPress solution over time.

Focus on launching your business. Let GURU build or rebuild your website.

All GURU projects are managed by our online GURU project management system, allowing you, our client to monitor and communicate directly with us during any stage of the project.

Building a website is not a one-off assignment. Your online presence requires attention – both offline and online. Our team will take care of your WordPress maintenance, content updates, various customizations and the look and feel of your site and content, as well as the stability of your WordPress solution over time.

Sleep peacefully. Let GURU host your website.

Firstly, GURU does not self-host – we entrust our server hosting to a few reputable companies that specialise in just that – website hosting!

Secondly, GURU does believe in cheap hosting  – WordPress especially does not run well on cheap low spec shared server environments, so GURU ensures that our hosting service fits your website requirements, NOT your wallet.

Whether you need a dedicated enterprise solution or you just need managed hosting to get started, we have a plan that’s right for you..



Never worry about your WordPress site again. From design, development to security and updates, ask a GURU

GURU takes care

WP Updates

GURU takes care of all your WordPress core, plugin & theme updates so you can rest easy knowing that your site is operating exactly as it should be.

Offsite Backups

GURU ensures your website’s database, files, content & images are stored offsite every day.. Don’t loose any sleep about it. We’ve got you covered


Your site will be safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring. If anything out of the ordinary does happen, your site can be fixed and back to normal in no time.


Slow sites will not only frustrate your visitors, they’ll get you penalized by Google. We make sure your site is running quickly and efficiently. Enjoy a faster website.

Site Migrations

Unhappy with your current host or just ready for a change? GURU will handle your site & data migrations. One of our GURUS will work with you from start to finish.

Custom Dev

GURU can handle any custom development request, from small modifications to large-scale enterprise work. Let us know what you need, and we’ll have a plan available for you.

Happy content humans

I have known the GURUS as a friend & business partner for a number of years & have been using their expertise in the development of various motor related websites. Their development & creative skills are unsurpassed & I would recommend them for any IT related project where their skills can be used from development to finished product.
Bill Duxbury

Online Marketing Strategist, The Finance Team

I enjoy working with GURU – they always have a very different perspective on a given problem & can demonstrate different solutions from their rich background. They are a great asset to the team when it comes to brainstorming & strategic projects.
Gerhardi Odendaal

Group CEO, Old School Group

Experienced, versatile & highly creative people. I’ve worked with them on large web-based projects & found their development skills not only cover a broad spectrum, they also has in-depth knowledge built up over a long career.
Deon van Rensburg

Marketing Automation Specialist, Inspired Marketing

Creative individuals that are able to interact with all levels of business. The DMS & CMS products they delivered at Namakwa Sands are excellent examples of what they are capable of: The products not only met the business goals in terms of quality control, but provides a stable platform that is easy to maintain & grow with the organisation.
Louw Cilliers

Lead Infrastructure, Tronox

A day in the life of a GURU with Automatic Updates

One of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks in WordPress is making sure that everything is updated. Otherwise, you risk security breaches of your and your client’s websites. So far, the only way to make sure that everything is top-notch has been by regularly logging in and performing bulk updates or Safe Updates across […]

Wp-vcd malware is back attacking WordPress

WordPress sites are in danger of malware called wp-vcd, which is hidden in legitimate WordPress files and that is used to add a secret admin user and grant hackers control over infected sites. The malware was first spotted online this summer by...

Adding social media links to Boxy Studio’s Resume Builder plugin

First and foremost, would just like to give Boxy Studio a major thumbs up for an awesome well coded and super cool functional styled plugin. I'm not going  to tell you what Resume Builder does as this post is not about that - instead I had to do a "quick fix" for a...
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